Month: October 2017

Secrets you should know about Android Games Hacked

Secrets you should know about Android Games Hacked

Our world is being digital. In this modern world, everyone uses the mobile phones so video games are getting more popular in these days. Most people play mobile video games to get relief from stress and to entertain at their free time. Looking for the best android games for free? If so, you can find…

Are Computers Still Getting Faster?

2017 computer

Has Moore’s Law finally come to an end or has computer progress finally slowed down? After all, if you look at the last 40 years of computer history, and you do the exact same experiment you’ll see what I’m talking about. Try going to Year 1990, and look at that computer versus a computer from…

Top 10 Computer Hacks in the World!


From country on country attacks, to vicious money grabs and moral assaults. Computer hacks can do serious damage! Find out which of these hacks very likely impacts you! 10. Shadow Brokers Shadow Brokers is a group of hackers that first made their appearance to the world in August of 2016. The allegedly elite group of…