How do I Stay SAFE from Viruses

In this post we’re going to talk about viruses. Firstly what is a virus, secondly how does it affect me and thirdly how do I stay safe. Firstly a virus is a piece of software that can affect your computer in one or more ways. Most viruses were made to make money. The first way would be to try and make money displaying adverts on your screen that you would click on. The second way is by watching you through your camera or what you’re typing on your keyboard so that when you type in a password to pay pal Amazon eBay and another online stores the person behind the virus is able to log in as you and buy goods at your expense.

The third part of this is by locking you out of your files and putting you at ransom to pay for retrieving your files back. Please note that there’s no guarantee that you would get your files back even if you paid the ransom. Finally how do we keep you safe. We look at security of your systems and how can we can make them more secure. Regarding your files we also made sure that the files are kept in a second place safe.

If your computer did get infected by one of these systems that we could restore the files and keep you safe. If you would like to learn more please drop us a message below or contact our team and we can provide further in-depth analysis of your systems. Thank you.